Anticipated cricketing events both countries agreed; Sports News

Anticipated cricketing events both countries agreed. One of the most anticipated cricketing events.

The bilateral series between Pakistan and India  is finally set to become a reality.

As the governments of both countries agreed on the series in principle, with a formal announcement expected.

Anticipated cricketing events both countries agreed; Sports News.

Anticipated cricketing events both countries agreed; Sports News.

Both boards have kept their cards close to their chest on the issue thus far but an affirmative.

Ddecision made by both sides, with Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi both agreeing to the series.

Several ‘soft’ interviews given in recent days in order to rein in the increased tension and escalating animosity between the two countries.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is especially vulnerable to an attack from activists similar to when the Shiv Sena.

Recently stormed the headquarters before expected talks between the two nations.

Along with the announcement of the bilateral series, which will held in Sri Lanka.

Will come the confirmation that Pakistan will participate in next year’s World Twenty20 in India.

The Pakistan-India series set to take place after an exchange between Nawaz and Modi, with a formal announcement to be made either evening.

Revealed a high level government official close of the development.

As planned, the short series will played in Sri Lanka, and the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Told that it is as good as done; with only a formal declaration remaining.”

Shaharyar Khan, while addressing the media in Lahore, however said no final decision made yet.

And the board is still waiting to hear back from the Indian government.

“We expect to hear from the Indian government by Tuesday or Wednesday regarding their decision on the bilateral series,” said Shaharyar.

“If the series does take place, then there will be big interest from everywhere and people will face visa issues.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistan government will request the Sri Lankan government to iron out these issues.

Anticipated cricketing events both countries agreed; Sports News.

The board also praised the islanders for their role. “We want to thank the Sri Lankan government for the way they welcomed the initiative of a Pakistan-India series in their country.

While England and Wales Cricket Board chairman Giles Clarke and the International Cricket Council also played important roles.”

It would be tough to make the necessary arrangements in such a short time but we’ll try to sort out the logistics.

While I’ve already received the name of the players selected for the series from the selection committee,” he said.