Top 20 highest wicket takers in ODI

The bowler plays important role in cricket team every kind of formats. Bowlers made many records in oneday international cricket tournaments.

Top 20 highest wicket takers in ODI

Except run out all other outs are writes in the bowler’s account.

The players who take more than 300 wickets in one day international matches, list of top 20 highest wicket takers is below.

Top 20 highest wicket takers in ODI:

Muralitharan 350 53423.08
wasim Akram35650223.52
Waqar Younis 26241623.64
WPUJC Vaas 322 40027.53
Shahid Afridi 39839534.51
SM Pollock 30339324.50
GD McGrath 25038122.02
B Lee 22138023.36
Aneel Kumble 87133730.89
SL Malinga 22433428.56
ST Jayasuriya 44532336.75
J Srinath 22931528.08
DL Vettori29530531.71
SK Warne 194239325.73
S Mushtaq 16928821.78
AB Agarkar 19128827.85
Z Khan20028229.43
JH Kallis 32827331.79
AA Donald 16427221.78
JM Anderson 19426929.22

Source of the ranking of highest wicket takers in ODI: ESPN