Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments

Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments. Evening filled with music, dance, flags raised high and tides rising higher.

The Opening Ceremony of Rio Olympics featured 60,000 fans, 207 teams, one supermodel and countless memorable moments on night.

Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments.

Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments.

On an evening filled with music, dance, flags raised high and tides rising higher more on that in a moment.

Here are 12 of the most memorable moments of the Rio Opening Ceremonies from Maracana Stadium.

The reporter inside the stadium for this.

Program began with the stage filled with silver-clad performers waving these weather balloon-type things in sync.

They slowly inflated into cushions filled with air, which they then repurposed into drums.

Even if they looked like those steaming hot foil pillows filled with delicious Jiffy-Pop popcorn, the popcorn you make in a jiffy.

Ceremony is complete without a tour through the nation’s history, and Brazil’s was one that showed.

The beauty of nature and the eventual arrival of Europeans.

African slaves and immigrants from the Far East that infringed on it.

The innovative use of hundreds of elastic bands as a projection screen was the nature.

The different representations of ships was the human invasion. It told a stirring story.

The modernization of Rio, it included a replica of a 14 Bis T-Wing plane that took flight inside the stadium.

And then it flew to the ceiling. And then through the top of the stadium, and into the night air, and all around Rio.

Well, sorta there was the miracle of CGI at work as the plane actually flew to the other side of the arena.

Rio Olympics Ceremony; Amazing And Historical Memorable Moments

This was, by the way, part of Brazil’s continuing efforts to claim Alberto Santos-Dumont invented flight rather than the Wright Brothers.

Which we, as Americans, know is a bunch of gosh-durn bunk.

The world’s most successful model” by the Rio Games, Gisele Bundchen a star attraction at the Opening Ceremony.

And did what does best: Looking stunning while walking a significant distance to music.

Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments.

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen performs during the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Ceremony as a whole really could have used more creepy mascots, it did feature a battle between Plushies and people covered in Christmas tinsel.

Eventually morphed into a freaky psychedelic awesome dance party carnival that was one Wayne Coyne away from being a Flaming Lips show.

The ceremony’s producer vowed that there would be a segment on the show that might infuriate Republican presidential nominee.

NASA projections of coastal cities flooding including Rio and a segment on stage that involved a boy searching around a maze of mirrors to find a small sapling thriving in the “heat.”

Striking stuff and bold politics for an event that allegedly veers away from them.

And it carried over to the Parade of Nations, which had teams place “seeds of hope” in small pots that “blossomed” at the end of the parade.

There were many memorable looks in the Parade of Nations and a whole lotta blazers but from our vantage point.

No one was more impeccably dressed than the athletes from Mongolia, in bright yellow suits and matching hats.

The “heart and soul of the Rio Games” entered second-to-last, walking behind the Olympic flag.

Rio Olympics opening ceremony amazing historical memorable moments.

The first all-refugee team in the history of the Games was given one of the longest ovations of the night, and rightfully so.

Their journeys to these games involved risking everything, and this moment will go down as one of the best of the Games.

With the greatest respect, we welcome the Refugee Olympic Team,” said IOC president Thomas Bach. “In this Olympic world, we don’t just tolerate diversity.

In this Olympic world, we welcome you as an enrichment of your diversity.”

The crowd roared when they first saw the flag, and continued as the athletes came out, eventually breaking out into soccer chants as their athletes made their way around the stadium.

Everything you wanted from a moment that was hours in the making although the REAL carnival fun.

Complete with dancers and confetti, didn’t arrive until after the Olympic flag was raised.